Flamethrower with 25-Foot Range Hits Indiegogo Next Week

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Ion Productions is launching “the world’s first commercially available handheld flamethrower” on Indiegogo next week. From next Monday (23rd March), the XM42 handheld flamethrower can be pre-ordered for a pledge of $700, which is great news for pyromaniacal Americans, since there is practically no restriction on flamethrower ownership in the US, with California being the exception.

Most commercial flamethrowers have limited range and power, whereas the XM42 is more like a military incendiary unit, but doesn’t require a backpack of fuel. The XM42 is fuelled by regular petrol (gasoline) from its on-board tank, and forming a flame is as simple as activating the pilot light and pressing the trigger.

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Now we wait and see how long it takes the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to shut the project down.

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  • 12John34

    Let’s make some money from angry/crazy people who will be burning their neighbors / relatives / enemies / strangers.

    That thing should never go public.

    • YeahRight

      If you are angry about the neighbor in the US, a handgun can do the job just fine.

  • Mark Smith

    Imagine these being hooked on to a home made exo-suit along with other very dangerous machinery 😀

  • PrinceAshitaka

    A very nice machine, as far as flamethrowers go. it looks so light

  • YeahRight

    I love the Darwin Awards.

  • Jordan Kytyn Benns

    To be fair, I could see the practical use in this, on the site I work we often clean out empty shipping containers, which more often than not tend to be full of more spiders than the Australian wilderness. It’s a no-brainer what we’d be using it for.

  • TheMedic

    Dad, Dad! Come check this shit out .. you thinking what Im thinking?