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Flappy Birds Battle Royale Game Is Released

Flappy Bird Battle Royale

While you might be getting absolutely sick to death of the constant stream of ‘battle royale’ style games, every now and then something comes along to remind you that as a genre, it can be pretty awesome. For example, only last week we saw the release of the Super Mario Bros themed battle royale game (that was promptly squashed and re-branded thanks to Nintendo’s lawyers).

The latest to try and tickle your casual gaming bones, however, is a similar call back to a formally highly-popular game. Yes, Flappy Bird has finally got the battle royale treatment!

How Does It Work?

Pitting you against 99 other players, the game starts with your bird being dumped out of a bus. You know, like in Fortnite. From there, you simply must try and get through as many pipes as possible until you are the last man (or Flappy Bird) standing.

While it might sound rather basic, it’s actually surprisingly fun and I found myself playing more and more rounds as I tried to get first place. Spoiler alert – In about 10 games I got a win and 2 2nd places!

Where Can I Play It?

The game is currently free to play by three mediums. You can play it via iOS, Android or even on PC with your browser. I chose the latter and the game is surprisingly more detailed than you might expect with some character customisation thrown in.

Admittedly, your chances of finishing first are not great. That being said, unless you try you’re not going to find out! – You can play the browser version for free via the link here!

What do you think? Are you going to try this game out? How high can you place? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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