Flat-Earth Theorist ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes Dies in Rocket Crash

Around two years ago, a person by the name of ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes came to our attention. Promoting himself as a ‘Flat Earth Theorist‘, he built a steam-powered rocket in (basically) his tool shed and, perhaps even more bizarrely, launched himself within it in an attempt to prove that the Earth was flat.

Well, sadly, we have some bad news. His latest attempt has sadly ended in tragedy when his parachute failed to deploy correctly that resulted in a crash-landing. Achieving a height of around 2,000 feet, I don’t think it needs to be said that he didn’t survive the impact.

‘Mad’ Mike Hughes – Not as Crazy as You Might Think!

Generally spending his career as a daredevil (and holding a world record for a limousine jump), we should note that he was probably not really a flat earth theorist. He likely just used it as a device to obtain some popularity. Let’s face it, the mere mention of it in our title probably grabbed your attention, didn’t it?

As you can see in the video below, however, he had attempted rocket launches in the past and with a lot of success. Particularly considering that this was entirely a homemade design.

What Went Wrong?

Now, after some consideration, I have decided to include the video of his rocket accident below. I mean, if I didn’t, you’d only probably go looking for it anyway.

I would, however, urge you now to remember that he died in this accident and, as such, if you can try and keep your amusing comments to yourself, we would appreciate it! Regardless of if he was a flat-earth theorist or not, he was undoubtedly a very brave person!

So, what went wrong? – Well, as you can see in the video below, upon launch his parachute deployed and detached from his rocket. After that, it was pretty guaranteed that his fate was sealed. Shortly after impact, ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes was pronounced dead at the scene.

So, RIP ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes. You were a braver man than me and I’m genuinely sorry that it had to end this way! May your legacy for what the ‘man in his shed’ can achieve live on!
Mike Sanders

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