Flip Phones Still Popular in Japan While Smartphone Sales Stall

/ 2 years ago

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Remember flip phones? Phones like the insanely popular Moto Razr? They were all the rage before the smartphone came along. Well, actually, flip phones aren’t dead yet, not in Japan at least.

Sales of flip phones grew by 5.7 percent to an amazing 10.58 million units, compared to a 5.3 percent decrease in the sales of smartphones –  down to 27.7 million units sold. The MM Research Institute, who conducted the research, says that this isn’t unprecedented – sales of smartphones in Japan were also down last year too.

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So why is this? Apparently Japan’s sales of smartphones are heavily reliant on subscription cycles. Hideaki Yokota of MM Research told Reuters that “Smartphones are also peaking in terms of functionality and they tend to last a long time as well, so there are fewer renewals.” This is also down to the high price of contracts in Japan; flip phone contracts are seemingly much cheaper, making them more attractive despite their lack of features.

Source: Reuters Via: Engadget 

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  • ZomBie

    Honestly, I like flip phones better then the touchscreens.
    Blindtyping is way to hard on touchscreens,

  • fasterdanabule

    in fact there was a flip-smartphone hybrid by sharp that was sold some years ago through softbank carrier… i almost took one but the lack of 3g support outside japan pulled me out

    A image if you´re curious


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