Floor Tile iPads And Wooden TV’s Sold In Latest Scam

/ 4 years ago


Getting ripped off can be a pretty awful idea, scammers use increasingly sophisticated techniques to con people out of their money. With the popularity of devices such as the iPad, it’s not uncommon to hear of people being ripped off while trying to secure themselves a quick bargain on the devices which often costs hundred of dollars.

Ceres, Modesto seems to be at the centre of the latest scam which was scam artists selling fake iPads and flat screen TV’s at great prices, they opened up the boxes and showed people what lay beneath, as you can see from the picture the packaging looks a bit rubbish, but for the most part it looks like there is an iPad in the box.

When customers opened their boxes after purchase they discovered they had actually bought painted floor tiles, the scammers had simply coloured them the same as the back of an iPad and painted an Apple logo on them before wrapping them in bubble wrap. The TV’s the scammers were selling were nothing more than painted wood, so that from a peak in the box they looked like the real deal and of course carried a similar weight to a real TV.

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Remember, if it is not from an authorised retailer its likely too good to be true, but even then we’ve heard stories of people buying from stores like Walmart and Target and still finding fake goods in the box as customers abused their returns system, so perhaps it’s always better to check the item over before you leave the store.

Thank you SFGate for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of SFGate.

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  1. Andres Reyes says:

    thats why I dont buy on ebay

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