Foldimate Automatic Clothes Folder Returns To CES… Again

The Foldimate

Call it a first world problem if you want, but there are certain advantages to having clothes neatly folded away in a drawer. Admittedly, my system usually involved me cramming in as much as I can until the point that I can (with a little effort) just about shut the drawer. There may possibly, however, be an errant sock poking out.

The Foldimate, however, is something of a solution to this problem. Well for shirts, towels and things of that nature at least.

How Does It Work?

Marketed as a home appliance, the Foldimate is designed to work almost like a printer in that you feed it a shirt and it will automatically fold it up nice, nearly and, of course, flat. The product is, however, seeing more than a few difficulties getting off the ground. Why? Well, this is actually the machines third appearance at CES. Albeit, we now seem to have a fully-fledged market-ready model.

Price Is A Factor

In a report via The Verge, the Foldimate is still looking to come to the market. They are, however, struggling to get it below the $1000. For a home appliance, one that is simply designed to fold clothes, this seems massively excessive. I mean, we all love our smart technology, but I can’t think of many who would invest in this.

It could, of course, perhaps be an attractive option to a company that dealt with clothing. Possibly large dry cleaners. On the whole, though, I think this may just be another one of those inventions that are very impressive in design, but a bit lofty in their practicality.

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Mike Sanders

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