Ford Hybrid Gets Better Performance And MPG Via Firmware Update

/ 4 years ago


Don’t judge a book by its cover as when you bought a car from Ford’s Hybrid line, the specifications were apparently just a starting point and it looks like Ford are about to give the car a boost by offering up a few tweaks via a firmware update.

Ford have already been slapped on the wrist by the FCC after consumer reports show that what was advertised and what was achievable in the real world were two completely different things, but Ford are not going to take that laying down and are offering a free software update for a range of their cars that includes the C-MAX, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ starting from next month.

A whole range of fixes are on offer but best of all you can expect better fuel efficiency, an increase to the electric-only to speed from 62MPH to 85MPH and who knows what else!

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Personally I think this is an interesting view of the modern world and the future of motoring. If this car were in the PC industry we would have to bring it back in for review as an overclocked model after the patch. The results of this patch still have to be seen in the real world but I certainly love the concept.

Thank you engadget for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of engadget.

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  • Zeed

    so basicly they remaped it NOTHING NEW….

  • Wayne

    I wonder if it’ll be getting any DLC after they’ve patched the patch.

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