Forget GTA V, Because GTA IV Simple ENB Mod Will Blow Your Mind!

/ 3 years ago


There reaches a point for some games, where the modders interest dwindles and the graphics have been pushed as far as anyone can be bothered; this is not the case for Grand Theft Auto IV. The game had a terrible launch on PC, with a shoddy engine that required colossal amounts of rendering power to make it playable, but all that has since changed and the modding community has beaten the game into a pulp, kicked it a few times, then rebuilt it time and time again. The GTA IV graphics you once knew are becoming obsolete.

Simple ENB is the latest graphics overhaul juggernaut and no word of a lie, these are in-game screenshots and you can get the same results with just a few downloads and some spare time. Unfortunately, you’ll also need a decent GPU to handle the new mods, but it’s certainly worth it. Enjoy the screenshots below, don’t let your jaw hit the ground too hard.

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Mods used: Better City Textures, Liberty City Textures, Dktronics road and vegetation textures and Simple ENB. Unfortunately there’s no easy guide on these mods and you have to tinker each one to the system you’re using for best results, give them a Google, back up your game folder and have fun tinkering and learning about modding!

















Thank you darkdeus for providing us with this information.

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4 Responses to “Forget GTA V, Because GTA IV Simple ENB Mod Will Blow Your Mind!”
  1. lara jon says:

    Anyo­n­e who needs mo­re, I can highly reco­mmend this. I sta­rted d­oing this for 2 y­rs and it helped me when I was in depr­ession. I’ve 2500 in 1 we­ek. Now I have fullfilled my many expectations. I am doing this regularly and I can say it’s a great source. You can check it out here ,.,..,

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  2. Zeed says:

    what u need like 2x 780 or 2x90x to play it 😀

  3. Baron Münchhausen says:

    How much $ for the machine that can play this?

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