Fortnite Game Play Shown Off in New Trailer

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I first came across Fortnite back towards the end of 2011 and thought the idea was a good one. At the time, the game market wasn’t as saturated with zombie-survival-building-crafting games as it is now. For some reason, until today this game had fell off my radar.

However, Epic Games have released a new trailer showing gameplay footage that has piqued my interest again. For those not aware of this game, think Team Fortress 2 where you can actually build your own fortress that you have to defend from monsters that appear from the mysterious darkness known as “the Storm”.

The game was originally developed for PC, but at the Apple’s recent World Wide Developer Conference it was shown running on Mac too. There is no news whether or not this will be a console title. It will be a free to play game and will be competing heavily with Team Fortress 2, let’s just hope this won’t be another pay-to-win title. But with TF2 having such a big following it is a large task for Fortnite to knock it off its pedestal.

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This game is in alpha at the moment, with what seems like 90% of all other games. You can sign up for testing here but alpha keys seem to be like gold dust, so good luck!

Check out the video below as well as some juicy screenshots!





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