Four DLCs To Be Released For Call Of Duty: Ghosts, ‘Onslaught’ To Be The First

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Infinity Ward plans to release four new downloadable contents to its popular shooter game, Call of Duty: Ghosts. The information has been revealed via Infinity Ward’s Instagram account, having the message “Something menacing is coming Jan. 28. Get ready for the #Onslaught.” attached to a trailer preview.


The first DLC looks to be called Onslaught, where a new enemy is said to be introduced in Extinction mode in the shape of spiders, along with other maps named as Nightfall, Fog, Containment, Bayview and Ignition. There are also previews of a bonus Maverick AR and Sniper Rifle included as well.

Besides Onslaught, the other three DLCs are said to be named Devastation, Invasion and Nemesis. Taking a look at all four DLCs capital letter, it forms the word ‘ODIN’, the name of Thor’s father, which means war, battle, victory and death in Norse mythology.

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The DLCs will be free to download for whoever owns a Season Pass which can be bought at a price of £34.99. The Onslaught DLC is set to release on February 28th on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, while Playstation and PC users will have to wait a while before it becomes available for the aforementioned platforms.

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