Fox News Use 55 Inch Tablets For Newsroom Staff

/ 4 years ago


While the quality and nature of Fox News reporting and journalism is questionable at best, they’ve certainly gone to town on making their news room look pretty epic – that much is certain. A picture that showed up on Twitter shows Fox News newsroom staff in the background using absolutely massive tablet PCs – apparently 55 inches. From the looks of it they’ve got pretty decent viewing angles too let’s just hope they don’t try and take them home from work because you’re going to need some serious space on the train for these bad boys.

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You can check out the full tour of the new Fox News newsroom right here.

What do you think of their 55 inch tablets? Useful or stupid? I know it certainly made me laugh.

Image courtesy of Fox News



7 Responses to “Fox News Use 55 Inch Tablets For Newsroom Staff”
  1. 0658 says:

    “Fox News reporting and journalism is questionable at best” ? I suspect you feel that MSNBC is high quality journalism. Leave the political commentary out. I used to come here for information. If I wanted political commentary I would go elsewhere. You have just been deleted from my favorites listr.

    • Actually I’m not a fan of MSNBC either. I prefer to get my news from a variety of (ideally independent) news sources so I can never be swayed by one particular orientation and see the full picture, heck sometimes I even read Fox News to get their take. Clearly you’re very closed minded so I’m not too sad to see you go.

    • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

      Top lel, comparing a dumb media program (Fox) with another (MSNBC) shows exactly how much shite you’ve been spoonfed by the American media. Pick up BBC and/or Al Jazeera, those are proper news, not the corporate propaganda which represent all news channels and newspapers in US. While you’re at it, read something like The Guardian or The Independent.

  2. Zetsumei says:

    Looks like a high DPI so might cause them eye strain if they work on them for too long but i guess it is fox so nothing to worry about there…

  3. Jimmy Wls says:

    LOL … Their employee turn-over is going to be so high! 😀
    Employees are only going to be able to work a few months… ARMS = OUCH after 4 hours on those xD
    So dumb.

  4. Ciniak says:

    I agree its not ergonomic at all. It seems they have to stand up to touch top corners of the screen. Its a killer for arms/shoulders a 27-30 inch 1080p display would be just fine.

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