Foxconn Confirms Foxbots Will Be Making the iPhone 6

/ 3 years ago


With the launch of the anticipated iPhone 6 rumoured to only be a few months away, Apples manufacturer of the iPhone – Foxconn have announced that they will be using a number of autonomous robots to help them ramp up the production rate over the hands of manual workers.

Priced at around $20-25,000 each, the robots known as ‘Foxbots’ have the ability to produce around 30,000 units per year and considering the fact the Foxconn are supposedly planning to install a fleet of robots that are 10,000 strong, we are looking at a system that has the theoretical capacity to churn out a whopping 300 million iPhones in a year – more than enough to cover the demand of the grown Apple cult.

In addition to raising the rate of production by a huge amount, each bot will work out far cheaper than manual labour in the long run – a matter of which has troubled Foxconn before after a number of employees sought a drastic demonstration by throwing themselves off the roof of the factories in protest against wages, housing and a number of other workers rights. Simply put, Foxconn won’t have any troubles with misbehaving robots.

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Although this line of robots will take over the work of a large number of people, manual labour will still be key to the production of the latest iPhones with word flowing around that they are likely to be hiring another 100,000 staff to aid in the ramp up of production prior to the launch of the iPhone.

Source & image courtesy: MarketWatch

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