Foxconn FlamingBlade Socket 1366 Motherboard Unboxing Video

/ 7 years ago

Today we are unboxing the Foxconn FlamingBlade Socket 1366 Motherboard.

Check out shortly for the full review on this product.

  • Finbarr

    would go perfect with a Sapphire 5970. 😀

  • killap4oc

    Should be a good review =D… Cannot wait to see it =D

  • Mlong128ir

    I love how the more and more technical we get the less so we are with naming. "Never mind the technical specifications or any other means of differentiating it from all the rest on the shelf with a descriptive title, we'll just call it the FLAMING BLADE!" *marketing department golf-claps* "It'll go nicely up there with it's other half the BLOOD RAGE." *cheers*Looks slick, too bad the 1366 socket is already being phased out with the i7 920 being discontinued.

  • Finbarr

    the review is out 😀[video <a href="http://]” target=”_blank”>][/video]

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