Foxconn Planning To Release Their Own 14nm Chips On The Consumer Market

/ 4 years ago


Foxconn is reportedly making preparations to enter the chip market with its own products. The giant, which makes chips for other companies such as Apple, BlackBerry, Sony etc., is willing to acquire Socle technology through which Foxconn is expected to deliver chips on the consumer market.

A chip manufacturer itself, Socle technologies made various ARM Cortex series in the past, as well as GPU chips such as the Mali series. Now it is looking to shift production to 14nm chips, but lacks financial resources to do so. This is where Foxconn comes in. With their financial backup and Socle’s manufacturing capacity, Foxconn can now gain some of their own ground in selling Foxconn branded chips on the market, and not depend on large chip orders from other manufacturers.

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Foxconn had been known for bad news in the past, from bad working conditions to Foxconn employee deaths. However, this is good news, both for them and more for us consumers. The bigger the competition on the market, the lower the prices and better quality chips might find their way on retailer shelves. In the end, everybody wants to sell their product, but nobody will ever think of looking your way if the price isn’t as good as the quality provided, especially if you are new on the market.

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