Foxconn riots in Chinese factory, involve 2,000+ people

/ 5 years ago

We all know of the poor working conditions that Foxconn push on their employees, paying them less than $1 per hour, for 6 days per week, 12 hour days, but it looks like the situation is worse now with reports of huge rioting at the manufacturing facilities of the Chinese iPhone manufacturer.

The situation involved 2,000 workers at just before midnight on Monday, with the incident being bought under control by local police four hours later. According to the police, 40 individuals were arrested, but the cause of the dispute is currently “under investigation by local authorities”. Foxconn are working closely with the authorities, but it reportedly “appears to not be work-related”, according to a statement from Foxconn Technology Group to The Next Web.

The factory involved was the Taiyuan-based Foxconn facility, which has some 79,000 workers and produces components for consumer electronics, automobiles, and precision moldings. There were rumors of fatalities, but Foxconn have issued a statement denying that anyone has died from the events.


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