Foxconn rumoured to receive handset orders from Microsoft and Amazon

/ 5 years ago

if you think about it- its not a surprising move especially after the launch of Microsoft Surface, although Digitimes’ sources have confirmed it. However it also pointed out that the devices are meant for limited volume shipment. It looks like Microsoft and Amazon want to grab the mobile/smartphone market in next year.

What’s interesting is the possibility to see an Amazon phone. Although Slashgear has heard rumours of the phone earlier this year- before Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD was revealed. However Amazon denied such plans- as one would expect from a company. Still, as mentioned in the news that Google is putting together its own version of chromebook, its a story that slowly but surely- companies owning their respective- and widely adopted OS- are becoming more resourceful and independent enough to make their own hardware. This will be a scare for Traditional smartphone, tablet and/or notebook/netbook brand.

Source: Digitimes | Slashgear




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