Foxconn to expand North American Operations for “Made in U.S.A.” tag

/ 5 years ago

Just after Tim Cook mentioned that some iMacs will be manufactured in the U.S.A, Taiwanese based manufacturer Foxconn is getting ready to expand its operations in North America.

Seeing that there is a large demand for “Made in U.S.A.” products compared to Chinese counterparts, Foxconn decided to make this move. This should be the biggest move made by a single manufacturer, especially since Foxconn manufacturers hardware and components for multiple companies around the world. Companies such as Apple and HP rely on Foxconn for manufacturing, so most likely this will shift the majority of the products to be made in U.S. slowly but surely!


However Foxconn’s spokesperson Louis Woo said that one of the big challenges would be the supply chain and that they will need high-value engineering talent in the country compared to the low-cost counterpart in China. Foxconn currently has factories in California and Texas for assembly of servers. Tim Cook also hinted that setting up operations in the U.S. will require quality manpower.

Source: ZDNet

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