Foxconn Will Build Google Glass In The U.S.A

/ 5 years ago


Google Glass, the highly sought after augmented reality glasses, are set to enter into production in the next few weeks. While that in itself is exciting enough news, there is also good news for the USA as Google will be manufacturing the Google Glass products on American soil, or on Californian soil to be more precise.

A recent report by the Financial Times suggests that the final assembly will be taking place at a facility in Santa Clara, California. The production contract for Google Glass has been signed with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., or Foxconn as we all know them. Most of the components for the Google Glass will be sourced from overseas but that crucial final assembly is on U.S soil.

Despite American production potentially costing more there are still advantages in doing so for Google. Having production so “close-to-home” means that Google engineers can keep a much closer eye on production and ensure that everything goes to plan. It will also be easier for them to revise designs if modifications are needed after the first batch is produced. Earlier this week 8000 people received an invitation to purchase an early model of the Google Glass, called the Explorer Edition, for $1500. Everyone else will have to wait until the end of the year and Google says they will be paying less than what early adopters paid but how much less is still unknown.

Are you excited about the arrival of Google Glass? Are you happy that Google are supporting the American economy? Would you rather Google produced it for cheaper elsewhere and were able to reduce the price as a result? Let us know your thoughts.


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