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Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 860 Watt Power Supply Review

A Closer Look

Out of the box, the Fractal Design Ion+ carries all the hallmarks of a solid professional design. You see very little glitz or razzmatazz here. This is a power supply made to do a job and boy does it look like a hard worker!

The main fan to the cooler carries a 140mm design which is slightly larger than you would usually expect (or see) in a power supply design. This should help keeps temperatures down while also (hopefully) not having to run too quickly (or loudly) to do so.

The modular cable input to the rear of the power supply has a nice ‘back to back’ feature which allows for easy removal and installation of cables. In addition, you will also note (rather unusually) that the ‘zero rpm’ switch is located here. Why is this unusual? Well, think about it, this part will likely be inside your pc. Most other manufacturers put this on the outside. So when installing you will have to choose whether to turn that on or off (presuming your case doesn’t allow for easy access).

The main exhaust panel of the power supply has nice large vents which should allow for a solid airflow. Remember that this power supply features low fan operation and, as such, a good passive operation will be important.

Overall, while the Fractal Design Ion+ might not have much aesthetically to make it eye-catching, it still looks pretty good. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a design that seems to speak of an all-business approach which, for a power supply, is exactly what any savvy consumer would want.


The cabling for the Fractal Design Ion+ 860 comes within a canvas bag and should be absolutely perfect for any PC system. The lengths of the cables are excellent with more than enough with the 860 variant to hook up even the most complex of gaming systems.

In addition, the connectors also offer some nice flexibility meaning that if cable management is a top priority, you should be able to easily use this to get everything hooked up while keeping your system’s appearance tidy.

Accessories & Manuals

As well as the power supply, out of the box you are also given a product manual, warranty information, anti-vibration strips and a power cable for whatever region you’re from.

Yes, not a lot, but then this is a power supply. You didn’t expect a DIY kit, did you?


Internally, the Fractal Design Ion 860 looks fantastic. It’s clean, tidy and well presented. All the hallmarks of a power supply that has been well thought out and assembled on the production line. Looking at this, that 10-year guarantee seems pretty secure!

The fan itself is a Fractal own design and, as we noted earlier is a 140mm configuration which is notably larger than your standard 120mm cooler which is seen in many other power supply designs.

A closer look at the insides of the power supply really highlights just how well this has been assembled. All of the key components are well spaced and a particular highlight are the heat sinks which are located close to the rear exhaust.

As for the actual parts, well, the two main capacitors are both 100% Japanese. Being Rubycon 105c rated, these are about as good as it gets and exactly what you would expect to see from a premium product.

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Mike Sanders

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