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Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 860 Watt Power Supply Review


As this is a platinum-rated power supply, the Fractal Design Ion 860 has some rather high specifications to meet in terms of how much power goes in to how much comes out.

As our testing clearly indicates, it has no problem here. The results are, actually, far higher than the efficiency required and while it is not quite titanium, it’s huge massively far from it either.

PFC (Power Factor Correction)

While the PFC testing starts a little on the low side at 20% load, it quickly ramps up to very impressive levels once you ask this power supply to start working harder.

Anything above 0.95 is typically (in our experience) a great result and, as you can see here, the harder the Fractal Design Ion 860 works, the happier it is!

Voltage Regulation

While the -12 rail does slightly under-volt, on the whole, the results here are excellent and show very little deviance from the ‘perfect’ level of power being supplied along the rails.

As you can see below, the 12V rail only has deviance of 0.03% which, considering this is the most powerful rail, is very impressive indeed! Overall, these results are excellent!

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Mike Sanders

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