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Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 860 Watt Power Supply Review

How Much Does It Cost?

Throughout the entire Fractal Design Ion+ range, the 860 is (at least in terms of wattage output) the ‘top-end’ of the scale. Despite this, however, it has a very reasonable retail price of just £124.99.

Although Fractal may not thank me for the comparison, this is only an extra £30 (based on the 560 price) for 300 extra watts. With platinum efficiency and a wattage performance this high, this is, without a doubt, a no-brainer! – Spend a little extra, get a whole lot more!


In terms of all of our testing as a whole, the Fractal Design Aio+ 860 performed fantastically. It was efficient, beyond the means required of the rating. It delivered the power amazingly well and, above all, it did it’s job without any fuss or drama.

If you thought it looked like an amazingly solid power supply, it’s a factor only supported further with its fantastic performance levels.

Practicality & Functionality

In terms of practicality, there’s only one small grumble we have. Namely, the confusion over why the ‘zero mode’ switch is on the ‘inside’ panel of the power supply. As we noted earlier, when installed, this switch would be contained within your PC. Hardly a convenient location for you to turn it on and off.

Other than this one small niggle, however, the power supply is otherwise completely faultless. It has an all professional look backed up by an all-professional performance.

Should I Buy One?

As we said earlier in this review, too many people, unfortunately, go cheap on their power supply when, in truth, it’s one of the most vital components in a PC design.

The Fractal Design Ion+ 860 isn’t (seemingly) cheap at £124.99. Comparatively, however, it’s massively less expensive than you might think. Remember, this is platinum rated and priced at a point where many other manufacturers sell only their ‘gold’ products. This offers you far more than the standard power supply while still, somehow, keeping a price that’s more than friendly on the wallet.

If I needed a new power supply for my PC right now, this would be almost certainly the one I would choose. As such, I’d be more than happy to make this the one I’d recommend to you!

For more information on other Fractal Design Ion+ power supply releases, check the link here!

You can, in addition, check out our review of the 560 variant via the link here!

Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 860w Power Supply Review

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Mike Sanders

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