Fractal Design Teams Up with Asetek for New Celcius AIO Series

/ 10 months ago

Fractal Design Celcius AIO Series - 3

Fractal Design partnered up with Asetek to bring their new Celcius AIO series CPU cooler into the market. The Fractal Design Celcius All-in-one cooler is using the latest generation Asetek pump. This 5th generation pump is higher performing than the previous generation while producing less noise and has a lower profile. The Celcius series also has sleeved flexible tubes which are much more accommodating to bending than older AIO models with ribbed tubing.

Fractal Design Celcius AIO Series - 4

Two models are initially available for the Celcius series: Celcius S24 and Celcius S36. The Celcius S24 uses a 240mm radiator with two 120mm fans, while the Celcius S36 uses a 360mm radiator with three 120mm fans. Also new to the Celcius AIO series is the use of G1/4 fittings which allows for cooler expandability and customization. Only the fittings on the radiator side are removable. The fittings on the AIO cannot be changed. This means users can swap out the radiator or expand it or replace the block with the tubing instead.

Fractal Design Celcius AIO Series - 2

The AIO’s pump and fans use PWM control to intelligently throttle up or down depending on load. An integrated fan hub on the edge of the radiator also helps with fan cable management.

Fractal Design Celcius AIO Series - 1

Celcius AIO Series Showreel

For more information, visit the S24 or S36 product pages.

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