Fractal Designs Display Their Chassis And PSU Products At CES 2014

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CES 2014, Fractal Designs had a great display this year at the show, they unfortunately didn’t have any new products to display due to technical difficulties, most likely due to some of the severe weather to hit a lot of the US this week, but they decided to convert their suite to a recharge room. The idea is that they got a masseuse offering visitors luxurious back rubs to ease the pain of walking the Las Vegas strip,  a couple of dozen power banks where you could recharge your mobile devices, a bar full of refreshments and a pool table, pretty much everything you want to see when you walk in to a meeting expecting to have to do some hard work, so thank you Fractal Design for letting us kick back and take a load off for a hour.


While they may not have have new products on display, they did have a collection of their top products including the R2, Arc XL and many more.


They also had their PSU range out on display which offer fully wired and semi modular solutions for high end systems, generally targeted at a gaming audience and highly desirable thanks to their clean aesthetics.

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Also on display was their popular Node 304 chassis, a great choice for those wanting a clean looking HTPC build.



New products may have been missing, but Velocity, XovicPC and Puget managed to put together three gorgeous looking builds, especially the green one which was finished in the same paint found on a classic American muscle car, I cannot remember which model though but it could have been a Dodge Challenger, maybe one of our readers can correct me?


Fractal said sorry about not having new products, but they’ve promised to have a great year in 2014 with many exciting new chassis products and power supplies, they expect to reveal them in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for more new and of course full reviews of the products as soon as they’re available to us.

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One Response to “Fractal Designs Display Their Chassis And PSU Products At CES 2014”
  1. Alistair Hardy says:

    the Node 304 looks proper smart.
    any details on it’s specs?

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