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Fractal Ion+2 Platinum 660W Power Supply Review


In terms of the ripple results, although everything so far in terms of our testing has been massively better than we anticipated, in all honesty, it would be fair to say that the results are a little more mediocre. Don’t get us wrong, achieving a maximum of 22 across all of our testing is still quite low and certainly nowhere near the EU regulatory maximum of 50. On the whole, however, while the results are certainly decent, they’re not exactly mindblowing either. – From a general consumer standpoint though, you have absolutely nothing to worry about here. While not the best results we’ve ever seen, they are still exceptionally low on the whole and that can give you solid peace of mind that the power is being delivered quite clearly across all of the major rails.

 Load (%)  3.3V  Ripple  5V Ripple  12V Ripple 

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Mike Sanders

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