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Fractal Ion+2 Platinum 660W Power Supply Review

Over Power Protection and Max Wattage

Although this particular model from the Fractal Ion+2 is only(?) officially rated to 660 watts, it is never unusual to see power supplies being capable of exceeding that rated amount and, often, by a pretty significant margin. However, if things are pushed too hard, it’s important to know that the OPP (over power protection) is in place to shut the power supply down before any risk of damage is even considered a possibility.

So, with that in mind, how did the Fractal Ion+2 do? Well, firstly we can happily confirm that the OPP worked absolutely perfectly, and, as such, if you were ever tempted to push this power supply much harder than it was officially built for, then you can at least know that it will shut itself down if you decide to get a little too crazy. Speaking of crazy though, achieving a maximum wattage output of 830 is pretty insane. Given that this is over 20% above the rated amount, there is clearly a lot of wiggle room there built into the design. Not, incidentally, that we would recommend that you ever push a power supply beyond its official output. Always buy what’s right for your system and components!

Note – The next section of the review would usually cover the fan speeds. As noted earlier in the review, however, in something of an exceptionally rare occurrence, we were unable to actually get inside the Fractal Ion+2 without potentially risking some significant damage to the PSU. Not just aesthetically, but potentially to the components. As such, we, unfortunately, were unable to conduct this fan speed testing, but what we can say is that the power supply was exceptionally clever in how and when it chose to operate the fan. In our testing, and with the hybrid functionality off, we found that at under 50% load, the PSU didn’t deem it necessary for the fan to run at all. So, although we have no extensive testing and charts to show you, what we can say is that if you value low levels of noise output, the Fractal Ion+2 would be perfect for you! – We now proceed to our conclusions:

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Mike Sanders

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