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Frank Azor Is Now Officially AMD’s Chief Gaming Architect

Frank Azor, DELL employee and co-founder of Alienware announced his departure with the company last month. After which, rumours began circulating where he will be headed next.

The most prominent one being the latest member of AMD‘s Gaming Division. Now those rumours have been confirmed to be true according to Patrick Moorehead writing for Forbes.

What was Azor’s Contribution at DELL?

Azor co-founded Alienware with Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila. He also served as VP general manager of Alienware gaming and Dell XPS. Azor’s contribution to the company is quite notable, being part of the XPS, Alienware and G-series development. Which, according to Azor’s open letter last month, contributed to “over $3 billion in revenue”.

What Does This Mean for AMD?

Although Azor’s track record at DELL and Alienware speaks for themselves, his position at AMD will be a new challenge. This includes new responsibilities beyond just PC gaming.

According to AMD, his job will including building and expanding AMD’s cross-platform presence. Considering the trajectory of gaming technology these days, this includes PC, console and cloud gaming. Basically, he will be the glue holding together the ecosystem of semi-custom, Ryzen CPUs, and Radeon/Instinct GPUs. As well as the company’s gaming software products.

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