Free Game Bio Inc. Has Been Pirated 2 Million Times

/ 3 years ago

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Mobile game Bio Inc., inspired by the popular Pandemic/Plague Inc., has been pirated by over 2 million people – over 25% of its player base – despite being free to download.

The concept of Bio Inc., though similar in approach to Pandemic, is instead of using viruses to eradicate the population of the Earth, you experiment on a single patient, tasked with creating the most destructive illness known to man within their body. The game is available for both Android and iOS.

To coincide with the release of a recent update, the game’s developer, Dry Gin Studios, compiled an infographic to boast about the game’s success, but also despair at the amount of people who have ripped it off.

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bio inc stats

Dry Gin Studios makes no attempt to explain the baffling revelation, and it is certainly difficult to rationalise, though it could well be motivated by a desire to access locked content, gained from level progression. If so, that means that not only do over 2 million people suck at Bio Inc., but the developers know it. I hope Dry Gin Studios can find some small sense of superiority from that fact.

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One Response to “Free Game Bio Inc. Has Been Pirated 2 Million Times”
  1. André C says:

    people without playstore need to pirate it (there are makers who ship tablets without acess to play store) honestly i had that problem and returned my tablet not to deal with the headache but this would be the alternative

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