French Anti-Piracy “Hadopi” Law Being Axed

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According to France’s Minister of Culture and Communication the anti-piracy “Hadopi” law only has one more month to live. Aurélie Filippetti has stated that the Hollande administration will axe the Hadopi law in favour of no immediate replacement.

In France the debate over the Hadopi law has been particularly strong and it was supported by President Sarkozy hence how it came to be legislation in 2009. Opponents claim that the bill prohibits the distribution of creative works on the internet and is harmful for the economy.

However, the main reason that has led to the elimination of the law by decree is the fact only three people have been prosecuted with a final judgement of which 2 were acquitted and one was fined €150 but given a penalty waiver. Several others have been accused but not conclusions have been reached and it looks set to stay that way.

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An anti-piracy law is expected to re-enter soon by the end of July as a cabinet discussion and for parliamentary debate in September. An “internet connected” tax that is “very moderate” is also being debated by the government too but this will be debated in preparation for the draft 2014 budget. Pierre Moscovici, the Minister of Economy, is hostile towards this project and it seems unlikely it would prevail.

What are your thoughts on the anti-piracy law being axed in France? Do you think it will be replaced? If so, by something “better” or “worse”?

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