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FSP Hydro PTM X Pro 1000W Power Supply Review

Fan Speed

Based on the results provided in our test, in its standard function, the fan for the FSP Hydro PTM X Pro typically operates at circa 825RPM. Being barely audible, it does seem to completely negate the need for this PSU to have a ‘Hybrid’ functionality at all.

In this regard though, the ECO mode on the FSP Hydro PTM X Pro is certainly interesting as in our testing it firstly took around 10-15 minutes of running the PSU before it deemed it necessary to operate the fan at all. When it did, it seemed to typically match the speed of the ‘standard’ mode, but would then cease to operate (as per its design) when the output dropped below circa 50-60%.

Of course, with the fan not running, this will reduce the overall noise output of a system. In truth though, I’d probably recommend that most users leave the FSP Hydro PTM X Pro in its standard mode. While the Hybrid functionality is certainly a nice feature, its performance when switched off is more than quiet enough to not overly impress itself within a system of various other fans running.

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Mike Sanders

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