Fujitsu showing a futuristic design of multiple devices combining into one

/ 6 years ago

Fujitsu is planning on making a “Transformers” style device, so to speak, with the Lifebook.

The design came from Prashant Chandra of Yanko Design who had a very elaborate motivation for such a device.

Using the concept of shared hardware, Prashant took a look at the multiple devices we use everyday, and noticed that a lot of the devices have shared data, although not directly connected to each other.

For example, a song or album, we may have the same file on PC, tablet or our phone. The designer claims that this new concept is made to extract the maximum potential from each gadget and avoid technology “wastage”, which proves to be the primary motivation behind the Fujitsu Lifebook.

In a smart and sleek design, the Fujitsu Lifebook aims at integrating a camera, a tablet and a smartphone into a laptop, each with their own dedicated tasks.

The camera would double as an external webcam. The tablet would fit inside the laptops base and function as a keyboard while the smartphone would act as the central processing unit and storage space at the same time.

Making each device separable, they would have their own individual purposes as well.

The project is still under wraps but is scheduled for 2013. There is no real concrete news on the final placement of each devices although some say that the smartphone and tablet could be connected through a 16-pin dock.

As of now, only a teaser is available, so enjoy.

Source: CrazyEngineers, Yanko Design

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