Full AMD Trinity APU Pricing Revealed

/ 5 years ago

In just a few weeks AMD is expected to launch its Trinity APUs based on the FM2 socket and A85/A75 chipsets. These new APUs feature PileDriver 32nm CPU cores, aka Bulldozer Revision 2, and they feature VLIW4 “Northern Islands” graphics cores, aka HD 6000 series. The full pricing that has been revealed is for the American market, but expect a similar pricing to occur for most other markets except in their respective currencies.

AMD A10-5800K 3.8 GHz Socket FM2 – $139.99
AMD A10-5700 3.4 GHz Socket FM2 – $130.99
AMD A8-5600K 3.6 GHz Socket FM2 – $119.99
AMD A8-5500 3.2 GHz Socket FM2 –    $109.99
AMD A6-5400K 3.6 GHz Socket FM2 –  $89.99
AMD A4-5300 3.4 GHz Socket FM2 –     $59.99

AMD’s expected launch date is October the 1st, we hope it has been worth the long wait.

Here is a brief overview of all the Trinity APUs:

AMD Trinity A10-5800:

The flagship Trinity Quad core APU boasts a clock speed of 3.8GHz stock and 4.2GHz turbo core featuring 4MB L2 cache, 100W TDP Design and an HD 7660D graphics chip featuring 384 shaders clocked at 800MHz.

AMD Trinity A10-5700:

The A10-5700 is another Quad core APU with 3.4GHz stock and 4.0GHz Turbo core frequency. This unit features 4MB L2 Cache, 65W TDP Design and once again an HD 7660D graphics chip clocked at 760MHz.

AMD Trinity A8-5600:

The top A8 series APU comes at 3.6GHz stock and 3.9GHz turbo core frequency on a Quad core die. TDP is maintained at 100W while the chip features 4MB of L2 cache along with an HD 7560D graphics chip with 256 shaders clocked at 760MHz.

AMD Trinity A8-5500:

The Trinity A8-5500 is yet another Quad core with 3.2/3.7GHz clock frequencies. It has 4MB L2 cache, 65W TDP and a HD 7560D graphics chip clocked at 760MHz.

AMD Trinity A6-5400:

The entry level Dual core A6-5400 operates at 3.6GHz stock and 3.8GHz turbo core speed featuring 4MB L2 and 1MB L2 cache, 65W TDP and an HD 7540D graphics chip with 192 shaders. This APU can support memory upto 1600MHz while the top ones can run past 1866MHz.



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