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Full-Sized Commodore 64 System to Go on Sale This Christmas!

Commodore 64

Looking back today, it’s difficult to appreciate just what a powerhouse Commodore was. While the Atari 2600 was carving a name for itself in America, the Commodore 64 was, without a doubt, the biggest name in gaming throughout Europe. It is, therefore, perhaps not without some further coincidence that both companies should implode in the mid-nineties as Nintendo and Sega picked up the pieces.

In terms of retro systems, however, the Commodore 64 is, without a doubt, one of the greatest and this was in no part cemented last year when (following the current trend) a ‘mini-system’ was released to huge success. If that particular model didn’t tickle your retro-bone, however, there’s good news for you.

Following the release of a video, a full-sized Commodore 64 gaming system has been released and, better still, is set for release before the end of this year.

What Features Does It Have?

Coming with 64 games preloaded into the system (I wonder how they arrived at that number?!) this isn’t your ‘average’ classic system. THEC64 (as it is known) will also feature full USB support to allow you to play as many games you like. If it worked on the C64 or VIC 20, this will play them. Well, as long as you can overcome the legally tricky ground of having the ROM file!

  • Connect to a 720p TV or monitor via HDMI for a stunning HD experience.
  • Choose from various display options, including a CRT filter.
  • Save your progress at any time.
  • Via USB, add your own games/programs, update the firmware, and connect your own devices.
  • Functions like an original C64 or VIC 20 computer. Or play any of the included 64 games in the Games Carousel.

THEC64/Commodore 64 – What Do We Think?

Based on every other ‘mini’ system we’ve seen to date (and lord knows there’s a fair few of them now!) this one by far looks to be the most interesting for the true retro gamer. As above, it’s hard to understate just how beloved the Commodore 64 was. This system, however, really does take things in a far more sensible direction. Particularly with its full keyboard layout as well as offering you the option to play any game you like.

When Is It Out?

THEC64 will release on December 5th for a retail price of around £109. Yes, this isn’t cheap, but still, I fully expect this to be one of the biggest stocking fillers this Christmas. Particular for us gamers who are getting slightly older, balder or fatter than we might care to admit!

Eighties nostalgia is big at the moment and, without a doubt, adding a little slice of Commodore 64 action into the mix will be well received!

What do you think? Did you own a Commodore 64? If so, what was your favourite game on the system? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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