Fungus Drone Completes First Flight

/ 3 years ago


A NASA drone made out of fungus, yes fungus, has completed it’s first flight.

The drone consists largely of material made from mushrooms, specifically mycelium, a material that can be made to grow into any shape. This is then covered with cellulose before being coated in the proteins used by wasps to cover their nests. Everything, apart from the motors and batteries, were designed to be completely biodegradable. This would be incredibly beneficial when flying drones through environmentally sensitive areas, where a crashed drone could result in devastating contamination.

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The drone could also aid surveillance missions, where the traces left by a grounded drone could lead to an international incident.

Source: The Verge

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  • Wayne

    So if a drone crashes in your yard then you won’t have to buy mushrooms for a year. I like it.

  • Ryan Airth

    I wonder how it would fare in a super harsh environment like Mars.