‘Fury’ Could be Making a Come-back

/ 2 years ago

AMD R9 390 pictured

My fingers are starting to get tired with how much information is coming in regarding the new AMD 300 series. Leaked specifications, names, images and even announcement date information is coming in thick and fast. Now it seems that AMD will be reviving the late 90’s branding of ‘Fury’, possibly dubbing the top end Fiji graphics card ‘Radeon Fury’. The Fury range was once the most revered graphics cards in existence, offering top of the line power and performance for the time; maybe AMD is hoping this graphics card can offer the same.


So what do we know about the Fiji-based graphics card up to now? For one, it’s going to be a serious contender for the most powerful single GPU graphics card on the planet. It will utilise High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), which will give to around twice as much bandwidth than the Titan X, host around 1000 more cores than the Titan X and be factory water cooled like the R9 295×2.

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I haven’t watched Mad Max Fury Road yet, but how awesome would have the advertising been if they intertwined? Maybe we could see an AMD and Mad Max game combo in September when it launches? Maybe a sort of post-apocalyptic cooling design? Along with this, AMD and Kingston could hold a deal, buy ## amount of HyperX Fury RAM and get so much off a graphics card, or vice versa.

Thank you to EXPreview for providing us with this information.

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