Futurama Cancelled Again!

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FUTURAMA!!! Yeah we will get to enter into season 7 premiering on Wednesday June 19th, unfortunately this will be the final season. Comedy Central dealt the killing blow to Futurama, to which Fox tried to do back in 2003, to which Fox probably thought that they had killed the series. Lucky for us Comedy Central picked the series up in 2008 to bring us 3 more seasons of the hit animated science fiction sitcom.

Futurama has picked up numerous prestigious awards over the years, Anne Awards, Emmy Awards, Environmental Media Awards, and even Writers Guild of America Awards! Over the years the series has been shown in at least 28 countries.

Season 7 is the final season, the last half of which will be premiering on June 19 at 10 P.M., and it will be coming to an end on September 4th. If you haven’t seen Futurama yet, or you have missed a couple of seasons you can always catch up on Netflix. You will be able to watch up to Episode 13 of season 7. You will also be able to view all four of the direct-to-video films! Prepare yourself now for the most EPIC season yet to come from Futurama!

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This season will host numerous guest stars including Larry Bird, Dan Castellaneta, Sarah Silverman, Uncle George Takei, Adam West and Burt Ward!

“I’m very proud of the upcoming season. If this is indeed the end of ‘Futurama,’ it’s a fantastic finish to a good, long run,” said creator and Executive Producer Matt Groening.

“Having the opportunity to bring ‘Futurama’ back for 52 episodes over these last four years has been a thrill for all of us at COMEDY CENTRAL. The upcoming season promises to be the best final season of ‘Futurama’ yet,” said Dave Bernath, EVP Program Strategy & Multi Programming.


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2 Responses to “Futurama Cancelled Again!”
  1. TomasHunter says:

    The show had a good long run, but I am still sorry to see it go. I found a few articles on its the cancelation in my in box when I got to my office at DISH today. I do have my fingers crossed that another network will step in to save the show, but if that doesn’t happen, I’m happy to have the full series recorded on my DISH Hopper DVR. It’s got space for up to 2,000 hours of recordings, so I can keep every episode of Futurama, and barely make a dent.

  2. Tabby Bane says:

    I hope another network picks it up or they do more movies.

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