G.Skill @ Computex 2023

It’s no secret that Elgato has had run of the market when it comes to desktop interfaces, and rightly so, they Stream Deck is a fantastic bit of kit. However, we’ve seen some prototypes from the likes of Streamplify, Endorfy and more this year and it seems soon, Elgato with have many contenders. However, it looks like G.Skill may be leading the pack, with their fantastic touch-screen controller they demonstrated at Computex 2023.

It’s a great looking bit of kit, and while I like the buttons of the Elgato, this uses a customisable grid that reminds me of the Windows 8 start menu, but as hated as that was, this seems to work exceptionally well.

It comes with desktop software, allowing you to drag and drop modules on to the display and customise everything extensively.

It features a 7″ 1042 x 600-pixel capacitive touch display, which uses a 5 x 4 grid. However, widgets can use any form factor from 1 x 1 to the full 5 x 4 aspect.

I love that it can sync up with various apps too, allowing you to monitor core speeds, temperatures and more. You can even tap a single core here and see its performance graph.

Manage your stream chat.

Change your lighting or OBS scenes, and honestly, we expect much more will be added as it gets closer to release. Not sure on price just yet, but it looks pretty final and it worked great, so hopefully it won’t be long till we see it hit the market.

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