G.Skill Sandy Bridge focussed memory kits go on show

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It’s that time of the day for another Sandy Bridge article, but please don’t leave the page as this time it’s about a new memory line up from G.Skill. We know how frustrating it can be ready about the same boring stuff over and over but hopefully this will give it all a little refresh as it’s memory focussed and not CPU/motherboard aimed.

G.Skill has announced their latest RipjawsX memory modules which are specifically designed for the Intel Sandy Bridge platform using the H67/P67 chipsets.

Well over 20 DDR3 memory kits have been produced ranging in size and speed. One of the base model kits comprises of a 4GB set running at 1333MHz with timings of 9-9-9-24 with the name Ripjaws-X XL red kit where the higher end sets include of 4GB of 2300MHz memory running timings of 7-10-10-27 called the XHD(+Fan) model

The different speeds that this range includes are:

  • 1333MHz
  • 1600MHz
  • 1866MHz
  • 2133MHz
  • 2200MHz
  • 2300MHz

Voltages range from 1.5 to 1.65V and each kit has been designed suitably for the Intel Sandy Bridge LGA1155 based boards using either of the H67 or P67 chipsets. Size wise will see you up to a massive 4x4GB kit using various speeds depending on your budget.

No pricing or availability has been officially let out of the bag yet but UK based retailer MemoryC have already started listed certain kits including an 8GB kit of DDR3-12800 at £89.71 including VAT.

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