G.Skill Unleash 32GB 3000MHz DDR3 Trident X RAM Kit

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G. Skill are at it again releasing another series of RAM with stupidly high speeds. G.Skill have released, or should that be re-released, their Trident X series for Intel’s new Z87 platform. They are offering 2666MHz to 3000MHz kits with 8GB or 4GB DIMMs in sets of two or four.

The top kit runs at 3000MHz with timings of 12-14-14-35 (all other kits share the same timings) and it features four 8GB modules running at 1.65v to maintain stability at such high frequencies. In addition G.Skill tell us that all these kits come with XMP profiles for Z87 and other Intel XMP ready platforms that support these high speeds, aka Z77 Ivy Bridge.

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As with all G.Skill memory products they are offering a lifetime warranty and comprehensive customer support. In addition G.Skill puts each of these kits through a rigorous Memtest Pro burn-in test to ensure stability for the end user.


G.Skill didn’t detail pricing but most of these kits are already available on Newegg as they were already available on the Ivy Bridge platform. You’ve certainly got to be loaded, and maybe slightly bonkers, to want to buy one of these kits as the 4 X 8 GB 2933MHz kit costs an eye watering $1699.99.

What are your thoughts on these Trident X kits for Haswell?

Images courtesy of G.Skill

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