G1 Assassin 2 X79 motherboard pictured

/ 6 years ago

After seeing MSI’s X79 motherboard yesterday, today we have a treat from Gigabyte. Pictures of their gamer orientated G1 Assassin 2 X79 LGA 2011-based motherboard have shown up the Maxishine forums. The board retains a black and green colour scheme whilst still managing that quite aggressive look which is typical of the Assassin series. It does support quad channel memory but only in one pair so you get 4 DIMM slots two either side of the LGA 2011 socket. The chipset heatsink is intended to look like a handgun. Six SATA ports are supported and given information about the X79 chipset we can deduce these will be comprised of 4 SATA II and 2 SATA III ports. There are three PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots, these could be arranged in the x16/x16/NC or x16/x8/x8 lane configuration.

In addition to the above features there are two very unique add-ons that are consistent with Gigabyte’s Assassin board, the E2100 Bigfoot Network chip and the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi audio chip. The Creative CA20K1 provides excellent quality audio for an onboard device since it has a high-grade OPAMP circuit that makes use of audiophile-grade electrolytic capacitors.




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