Gainward GTX 560 Ti Phantom being developed

/ 7 years ago

Gainward have been in the news a lot lately as Nvidia release more and more graphics cards to soak up the market of thirsty enthusiasts wanting the best of the best. This comes in the form of the Phantom edition cards from Gainward offering up unique features and improved performance with a custom design.

The latest addition this product range includes is the GTX 560 Ti giving users the choice of 1GB or 2GB models. The 1GB card will feature a 835MHz GPU clock speed, 4100MHz GDDR5 memory and 1670MHz shader clock whilst the 2GB model will give a GPU clock speed of 822MHz, a 4008MHz memory clock and 1645MHz for the shaders. Based on these figures and Gainward’s past accomplishments, we are hoping to see some extreme benchmarks with good headroom.

Cooler wise will see the Phantom2 Quadratic cooler with two 8cm GR8 fans, aluminium heatsink block and four heatpipes giving users up to 11°C better temperatures and up to 13.1dB quieter noise when compared against other cards such as a reference GTX 470.

Cards are always showing up at online retailers for just short of 250 Euros for the 1GB version and 371 Euros for the 2GB model.

Once the retailers have completed taking stock of these new cards, we should see a more stable price point and more online stores giving better availability options.

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