GALAX Tease the Launch of an RTX 4090 SG?

Nvidia is expected to formally announce the launch of its 40XX series of graphics cards on September 20th with pretty much all rumours agreeing that the key focus (and initial release date) will be confirmed for the flagship GeForce RTX 4090. – And let us put this bluntly too, based on all the leaks we’ve seen over the last few weeks, it seems pretty much guaranteed at this point that the first GPU out the door will indeed be the 4090.

With many custom AIB partners clearly gearing up for this announcement, however, it seems that following a Twitter post, Galax might be the first to go as far as to at least tease that something big is on the way. And more so, possibly from their ‘SG’ branding.

Galax Teases GeForce RTX 4090 SG Graphics Card

Now, admittedly, on the surface of things the Twitter post above is more than a little cryptic. Given that SG is known to stand for ‘Serious Gaming’, however, it is certainly a compelling piece of information. With the mention of ‘Serious’ in it, this clearly suggests, or at least hints, that at least one of their initial launch models will be a 4090 SG.

What is the SG though? Well, we’ll freely concede that it’s not their best-known series of GPU models. There is, however, a key reason for that. Typically speaking, Galax has only used the ‘SG’ branding on their least-expensive variant. – And in regards to their 3090 SG, this was certainly a curious creature with 3 fans on the base with a 4th literally sitting on the top.

Rendered image of the 4090 SG could look like

Will Galax repeat that design here for the 4090? Well, given that this is ‘New Serious’, we doubt it, but with less than a few days to go now until Nvidia, all going well, announces the 4090 GPUs, we’ll undoubtedly have a slew of announcements not just from Galax, but all major AIB partners!

What do you think? Are you excited about the launch of Nvidia’s new 40XX graphics cards? If so, which model are you currently most interested in? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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