Galaxy developing single slot GTX 680

/ 6 years ago

Galaxy is working on a single slot variant of Nvidia’s GTX 680. This is possible thanks to the relatively high power efficiency of the GTX 680 and its reasonably low 195W TDP. The benefits of having a single slot design are evident for two reasons:

  • either there isn’t enough space in the case (width ways) for a dual slot card in a certain slot (particularly the last slot)
  • there isn’t enough room between the PCI express lanes to fit in a card or to have sufficient airflow (more of an issue for those running other expansion cards or more than one card).

The name of this model is the GTX 680 “Warrior’s Edition” (how it translates) and it features a length extension to compensate for the reduced width.

The standard GTX 680 design is dual slots in width and 10.5 inches in length. Whilst this card uses a single width design but is longer, by an educated estimate it sits at around 11.5 to 12 inches as opposed to 10.5 inches. This design works by encouraging the lateral flow of air through the dense copper heat sink channels which could be a vapour chamber design. The fan which is present on the right hand side works to push air out the top of the card.
The card will probably only be available in Asia and North America given the markets Galaxy work in.

Source: Alex Lam Weibo


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  1. That thing is HUGE! (8-o

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