Galaxy Gear To Receive Full Content Notifications With AllTheNotifications Manager App

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The Galaxy Gear is fairly limited to text and e-mail popping up with the full message, given the “smartwatch” title it bears and the multitude of tasks we thought of performing right on our wrist. However, this is more a limitation of Samsung’s notification service on the phone rather than the watch’s, and to overcome this limitation, XDA forum member Sepiroth887 has released AllTheNotifications (ATN) Manager.

ATN lets you select which apps send a full notification to the Gear, so you can check out the entire content of a particular notification. It’s as simple as it gets and works quite well in our own testing, though currently ATN Manager sends notifications to the watch even when we’re using our Galaxy Note 3, which shouldn’t happen, Also, some apps don’t work too well with ATN, though that will likely be fixed in future updates.

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Android 4.3 and a supported device such as the Galaxy Note 3, Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition, or the Galaxy S4, is needed in order to use ATN Manager after which it’s simply a matter of installing the app, launching it and then selecting the apps you want to get notifications for. Do not forget to give the app Notification access in the security settings however. You can download the app from here.

Thank you SamMobile and XDA Developers for providing us with this information.
Image courtesy of SamMobile.

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One Response to “Galaxy Gear To Receive Full Content Notifications With AllTheNotifications Manager App”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    I struggle to think of a more superfluous piece of kit than this watch. I took a look at one recently and to say I was underwhelmed is an under statement. We even have deals here that if you buy a S4 they’ll throw in the watch gratis. I’ll take the phone but they can keep the watch.

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