Galaxy GTX 780 Hall Of Fame Edition Pictured “Naked”

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Galaxy’s Hall of Fame Edition graphics card is renowned the industry over for their high quality components and unique white PCB. The pictured PCB is an engineering sample, which is reportedly 95% ready. As you can see it has a rather unique looking switch which connects to the PCB which is to change the BIOS.


The back of the PCB has 12 Tantalum capacitors which have longer life, less current leakage and a wider temperature range than competing solutions. There are also ESR solid capacitors which boast 33% less power consumption.


The card takes power from a pair of 8 pin PCIe connectors.Galaxy_GTX_780_HOF_5

The rear I/O has two DVI, one DisplayPort and one HDMI plus the BIOS switch button. Galaxy_GTX_780_HOF_6

For the densely packed VRM area you have a similar design to the GTX 680 HOF Edition card. There is a 10 phase VRM with CHIL 8318 digital PWM controls for the 8 GPU phases. The other two phases supply the memory and these are controlled by uP6210AG PWM control chips.

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For more detailed pictures and component details be sure to check the forum discussion here.

The Galaxy GTX 780 HOF Edition certainly looks like an impressive graphics card and we can’t wait to see it hit the market. It is designed to be the best of the best and will rival other top of the line graphics cards such as the MSI GTX 780 Lightning and any ASUS ROG GTX 780 cards.

Images courtesy of ChinaDIY

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