Galaxy Heist Is a Space-Based Online FPS Powered by Unreal Engine 4

/ 2 years ago

galaxy heist

I’ve always had a thing for space-based games, whether we’re talking about arcade-style shooters such as Freelancer or more strategy-orientated titles such as Homeworld. Galaxy Heist is a whole different breed of space game. It’s not a simulator and it’s definitely not a strategy game, but it sure looks like it could deliver some serious entertainment. Created by Space Bear Development, the game recently received a Kickstarter campaign that hopes to raise a total of £65K.

Based on Unreal Engine 4, Galaxy Heist definitely looks pretty, but it’s going to need to deliver a lot more than nice graphics in order to be successful. The online title will divide players in two large teams that are also split into 4 to 5 player sub-teams. These teams are placed on flagships, and players can choose to either defend this ship using one of its turrets or go on the offensive using smaller fighters.

Galaxy Heist is being developed for PC and for Xbox One, and it offers support for VR headsets that are compatible with Unreal Engine. This includes the Gear VR and the Oculus.

Below you can view a list of the game’s most important features as well as its Kickstarter trailer.

  • A game focused on boarding other players ships
  • Large teams split into 4-5 player sub-teams and put on large flagships together
  • Take control of the flagships turrets or jump into a small fighter to help defend the ship
  • Use the tether mechanic to force yourself onto other ships
  • Fight inside ships to take over and destroy them from the inside
  • 100% skill based, no pay to win or grinding your way to a stronger character
  • Play competitive PvP, custom players vs AI matches, or offline
  • Works with any VR supported by Unreal Engine (Oculus, Gear VR)

What do you think about this game so far?

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