Galaxy Introduce GT 610 MDT Graphics Card

/ 5 years ago

Galaxy are a brand who like to do things a bit differently by offering graphics cards with a certain something extra. In the past we’ve seen custom white PCB’s, a unique cooling system and some radical designs including some of the highest clock speeds on the market, but they also have another line of products that make them even more unique.

Their range of MDT cards was an idea that we saw before Nvidia Surround and a lot of the features have now been adopted in such a way that a lot of consumers wouldn’t even know what a MDT card is. 

For a small education lesson; MDT stands for Multi-Display Technology and is aimed at offices and consumers who need multiple monitors operating at high-resolutions allowing for the very best productivity in terms of workload for general tasks, as the cards themselves simply aren’t powerful enough to play extreme games on.

The GT 610 MDT utilises two IDT VMM1402 multi-display controller chips which output into two DMS59 ports and cables are then supplied to convert each port into two single-link DVI-I ports supporting resolutions up to and including 1920×1200.

The card itself includes 1GB of DDR3 memory which is clocked at 1GHz and operated on a 64-bit memory interface. Other clocks include a 40nm GF119 GPU with a core clock speed of 810MHz, and 48 CUDA cores running at 1620MHz.

No pricing or availability announced yet, but in terms of the UK we know this will come branded under the KFA2 moniker.

Source: TechPowerUp

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