Galaxy S4 Caught Fire, Nokia Came To The Rescue With A Free Lumia

/ 3 years ago

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Samsung were quick to the rescue of the user who’s phone set on fire. Not only did the users phone burn out in a glory of flames, but he also uploaded a video of the burnt phone as evidence, which he then uploaded to YouTube. Samsung we’re happy to swap the phone for a new one, but they wanted him to agree to some terms first, and remove the video he uploaded.

Not happy with Samsung’s terms, the ex-owner of the Galaxy S4 declined the deal and uploaded yet another video detailing Samsung’s terms and conditions for all to see. He posted the videos on Twitter too, ensuring that people learn the potential dangers of the handset that Samsung were trying to hide (in fairness, any electrical device can catch fire, not just Samsung phones).

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Enter Nokia PR! Who saw the opportunity to troll Samsung to the max. Tweeting back at him with an offer he simply cannot refuse.


The only way this story could be any more entertaining is if his new Nokia catches fire… but of course we hope it doesn’t, we hate to see good tech go to waste.

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  • Ben Warren

    well, i have an s4, and i now know i wont be getting another samsung device once my contract is up, really changed my view on samsung as company.

  • Skidmarks

    I wonder what makes him think it’s perfectly acceptable to swear in front of millions. It shows lack of respect and poor upbringing and while I understand him being upset and frustrated, he could been a little more civilized.

    • daz

      Oh fuck off you toffee nosed cock

      • Skidmarks

        I hope you’re not as stupid as your parents not to use a condom. You’re a shining example for birth control.

        • daz

          But my comment got more votes up than your original post or your reply. Lighten up man. If I had paid money for a phone that combusted I would think I was entitled to a little profanity. Your a shining example of why society is like it is…. No one dares speak their mind for fear they will offend the minority. Don’t take the Internet so seriously….

          • Skidmarks

            I agree with in theory, I’d be swearing myself if it happened to me but not in front of thousands of strangers.

    • Zeed

      I think everyone is entitled to say to someone ‘GO FUCK YOURSELF’
      Those 3 words say more than 5 pages of useless QQ letters.

    • I am in partial agreement with you, I have nothing against swearing per sé but If I wanted my video to be seen and widely shared by lots of people then I would of refrained from doing so in the video.

      • Skidmarks

        Everybody swears but not front of thousands of people unless you have no culture.

        • Brownstains

          Says the guy called skidmarks….

    • Gunnex

      4 swear words counted in both videos combined. Ow my virgin ears!

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