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Gamdias Launches Borea P1-720 Dual Fin-Stack Cooler

Gamdias has launched its new Boreas P1-720 Dual Fin-Stack CPU cooler.

Gamdias Boreas P1-720

The Gamdias Boreas P1-720 is designed to provide exceptional cooling power featuring a dual asymmetrical heat sink with 7 copper heat pipes and two high-performance PWM fans which work hand in hand to maintain low temperatures even under heavy loads. With an impressive TDP rating of 270 W the dual tower, configuration features two dense aluminium fins which provide large surface area for heat dissipation. Further improving heat transfer capabilities is the optimized convex copper base design which offers seamless contact with the CPU surface.

Premium Design

With the premium cooling capabilities of the Boreas P1-720, Gamdias has also ensured for a premium look to further prove its high performance. The cooler is fully coated with an all-black finish and brushed aluminium finish which provides a very stylish and sleek look.

Robust Airflow

The Boreas P1-720 is equipped with two fans with one 135mm in the middle and one 120mm in the front which both provide high static pressure and air pressure of up to 84.2 CFM. The fans utilise a hydraulic bearing and PWM functions which allow the fans to reach speeds of up to 2000 RPM whilst also retaining low sound levels when those speeds aren’t needed.

Excellent Compatibility

The asymmetrical heat pipe design allows for much better VRM and RAM module compatibility with room for up to 60mm memory modules. The included socket is universal and supports the latest LGA 1700 as well as AM5.

Full Specifications

  • Premium All-Black Coating
  • aluminium Brushed Top Cover
  • Optimized Convex Copper Base
  • 7 High-performance Copper Heat Pipes
  • Asymmetrical Heat Pipes
  • Dense 140 x 50 mm Dual Aluminum Heatsink
  • 2 Hydraulic Bearing PWM Fans
  • 135 mm Middle Fan & 120 mm Front Fan
  • 157.5 mm Clearance & Height Compatibility
  • Support LGA 1700 / AM5

Where Can I Learn More?

Gamdias hasn’t revealed pricing or availability however you can learn more about the Gamdias P1-720 on the product page here.

Jakob Aylesbury

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