Game of Thrones Final Episode Teaser Trailer Released

Game of Thrones

Presuming that you have already watched last nights (well… technically this morning’s depending on what you are) episode you’re probably still calming down from all the action, spills, heartache and perhaps just a smidgen of confusion.

While I am doing my best to avoid spoilers here, HBO has decided to release the teaser trailer for the very last episode in the highly-popular TV series. So, if you are trying to avoid spoilers, then you’re highly-advised to look away now!

What Do We Make Of It?

Well, if you’re expecting a happy ending, then I’d say that we should all brace ourselves for something of a potential disappointment. Game of Thrones doesn’t do happy. At least, not often! That being said, if the series has taught us anything, it’s that to expect the unexpected.

This episode will undoubtedly represent one of the biggest finales in TV history though and, without a doubt, I expect most of us in Europe are going to stay up late to watch it!

How Will It All End?

Personally, I’m still very much part of camp Tyrion. I suspect that by a few twists of fate that he’s going to end up if not on the Iron Throne, then at least in charge in some capacity.

There are clearly still more than a few questions that need answering, no less the fate of a certain Queen of Dragons. With the finale set to air this Sunday (in America) with Europe following in the very early hours of the Monday, however, if you’ve stuck with the show this far it would be tantamount to torture to not find out how it ends!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments! (try and keep spoilers to a minimum please).

Mike Sanders

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