Game of the Year: 420BLAZEIT – Doritos, Mountain Dew, 360 No Scoping, It Has It ALL

/ 3 years ago


From the headline on this post, you probably thought I meant this was ‘the Game of the Year’ but no: the title of this epic game is, Game of the Year: 420BLAZEIT.

Andy Sum has released one of the most random, but most beautiful games, encapsulating everything about console gaming and mainstream gamers, into one glorious Doritos-filled, Mountain Dew-obsessed title. 420BLAZEIT has you attempting to destroy the “Illuminati” by going into their “secret underground lizard base” and “f*** them up and 360 no scope 420 blaze it for the good of all mankind”. I don’t know about you, but this sentence alone makes me want to play it. Just wait until you see the gameplay – oh wait, here we have it:

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Source: Kotaku.

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